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 Allied Blending LP 
Allied Blending LP is a leading provider of innovative and value-added ingredients and blends for tortillas and baked goods.  Allied Blending LP leverages state-of-the-art technical know-how, excellent ingredients and world-class customer service to deliver everything its customers need to make the freshest tortillas.
In addition to liquid and dry preservative systems, Allied Blending LP offers BatchPakTM delivery systems that ensure product consistency and help control costs.  Allied Blending LP's commitment to innovative formulations coupled with continuous quality assurance ensure some of the world's largest tortilla manufacturers meet their goals.  To learn more click here.
LDI Logistic Dynamics 
LDI, also known as Logistic Dynamics is a leading transportation and logistics provider.  The LDI team of experts is able to leverage relationships with thousands of carriers to provide better rates and service for your shipments.  Not only can we help save you money on shipping, but also we’re an invaluable resource for reaching new marketsc and growing your business.

Whatever you need, LDI has the people, skills, and technology to help manage your supply chain.    To learn more about LDI click here
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